Personal Development and How it can Change your Life

With Personal Development comes Growth

Personal development is something that is really important to me. I’m not really sure when personal development became my thing, however, I do remember in my teenage years having been influenced by a few close friends and challenged by some people whom I thought were friends, but were definitely not.

I remember at around fifteen or sixteen I was thinking about studying to be a psychologist, then thinking I was too messed up to be a psychologist, later realising that I wasn’t messed up at all I was just a teenager! Ha

Dreaming Big

I also had dreams of being a writer. And I enjoyed learning human development and health. Which is probably why I ended up studying and working in childcare for a time. Health I have always kept an interest in and looked into different lifestyle eating options never looked at diets as such as I believe it’s a lifestyle change. Food is to be enjoyed. But you eat to live not live to eat.

Writing is my consistent thing along with learning about how I and other people tick, it’s so fascinating. While psychologists are important and needed I’m so glad I didn’t go down that career path and instead years later I have come across life coaching instead.

We are fascinating creatures

At twenty one I did some seminars through ‘The landmark forum’ I remember thinking wow I want to do that. However I never saw it as a possibility for myself. Now I can through a coaching college where everything learnt is so valuable in learning why we humans do the things we do. What the subconscious is controlling in our lives and how we can change it. Seriously Fascinating.

Personal development as I mentioned already is important to me. However I feel it should be important to everyone.


So many people get stuck in life. In their careers and in their heads, thinking too much! and end up hating so much of their days and life. It really doesn’t need to be that way, you just need to have an open mind and be willing to do the internal work which can scare the hell out of you and for a lot is too much so they won’t. They are missing out on their amazing selves because they are not being there true selves. It’s such a shame. So are you ready?  I know you have it in you to do the hard work, work through all your crap and start living your true life.

If you need help getting started you can go here and check out my coaching packages. I would be delighted to get you moving forward and help you achieve all that you are desiring to achieve. And here is a book I recommend to get you started. Stay tuned for my book review on this

To your success Donna