Work With Me – One on one Coaching

Life Empowerment Coaching Helping you get unstuck

Are you completely fed up with how you are feeling? Would you rather have direction instead of feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled!

When you imagined the future is THIS where you saw yourself?

Are you READY to be honest with yourself and work through the STUFF that has been HOLDING YOU BACK? Discover and Create your dreams by saying goodbye to limiting beliefs and creating new EMPOWERING BELIEFS

If you are ready to feel empowered, embrace your awesomeness, awaken your authentic self and take ACTION to create the life you know you deserve and learn how to fall back in love with yourself then book in for one of the 1:1 coaching packages below


Embrace Your Awesome

Embrace Your Awesome package is the package for you if you are serious about creating change.

It includes 9 x 1 HR Sessions Fortnightly

Each session will build upon each other to effectively make changes on an unconscious level AND give you conscious awareness of them.

Things that we Might look at are:

How you are spending your day

What parts of your life are unbalanced

How are you dealing with overwhelm

What role in life are you playing

Where you have given up your power and how to take it back

What you would like to be enjoying in life

How to create your ideal life

Overcoming fear

Embracing the unknown

During these sessions, you will Discover, Learn and Grow. You will feel Empowered by what you can achieve Once you have Fallen back in Love with YOU


Awakening You

Awakening You is the package for you if you are wanting to create some changes in your life.

It includes 6 x 1 HR  Coaching Sessions Fortnightly

During these sessions, we will Awaken your Authentic Self and help you understand who you are

This Might include:

Looking at your core values

Looking at your patterns in life

Uncovering how you see the world

Looking at how you think the world see’s you

Uncovering some issues that have been holding you back

Helping you map out a plan to move towards your dreams


Ultimate Focus Strategy Session

The Ultimate Focus Strategy Session is a 2HR Intensive session where you will unlock your inner drivers and discover what makes you tick. This session is like pressing the REBOOT button and is the tool to help you get back on track

It will help you understand your inner conflict battles and flick the light on to your own standards and expectations for yourself and others. It will help you understand the beliefs you have about yourself and how your inner world is affecting your outer world.