My self care guide for the beginning of Spring

September in Australia = SPRING

Now that Spring is here and I am slowly starting to thaw out it’s time to get ready for those open toe shoes and dresses which means I need to take some time out for myself and show a little self care and love to my body and soul.

I tend to let myself go during the winter months, the cold makes me rug up with extra layers. The rain makes me put on my boots and the early sunsets mean I spend my evenings with winter pj’s and socks on. So I easily look past my hairy legs and left over polish on my toes that is growing out…. Please don’t tell me I am the Only one….

So with spring in the air, the flowers are starting to bloom and I’m wanting to get out of those closed in shoes and set my piggies free thanks Sesame Street for that song stuck in my head!

Self love, self care

I want to make myself feel beautiful and presentable for the new season. For me this is how I show myself love and care and is my way of filling my own cup. Self care is so important and I have written about it here in more detail. Because I know a few mum’s that feel guilty for putting themselves first once in a while I thought I would share some of the things I like to do that you can try out for yourself and show yourself a little self care because you are so deserving of giving yourself some self love and self care.

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My self care guide for the beginning of spring.

  1. Shave your legs and underarms I have been using this razor for years, when I don’t get a chance to wax
  2. Give your self feet some love with a pedi paddle in the shower once a week, to keep them from cracking, Going the extra mile would be applying some cream on your feet before bed. Admittedly I don’t apply cream often enough. Shorten your nails and clean up the cuticle area by pushing them back and lightly file off any left on the nail.
  3. Choose a nail polish colour that will bring you joy every time you look at your feet you will need a base coat a colour and a top coat  I personally love the O.P.I brand and as a Beauty Therapist I have worked with these products a lot in salons. I love the quality of the polish, the variety of colours and the new special season colours they change to keep on trend.
  4. Lastly you need a good quality summer shoe to wear that is not only comfortable but also supportive, When I’m not in my trusty Havaiana thongs, I’m rocking my Birkenstock’s

self care spring

Some other things I enjoy but are any time of the year and as needed is getting regular massages or seeing an Osteopath. I think if we feel pain or discomfort in out body it’s good to get it checked out. My Osteopath helps keep my spine in check and enjoying a massage is not only good to loosen up tight muscles it helps me switch off and relax.

What about You

I would love to know if you have a self love, self care ritual that soothes your soul. Do you feel guilty or do you know it’s important for you to be at your best?

Just remember nobody is perfect as long as we do our best then that’s all that matters.

Can’t wait to hear how you prepare yourself for the warmer months


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