The true meaning of friendships

The Importance of Long Term Friendships

I caught up with a friend recently. One that I only get to see once a year as she is currently living overseas. While our kids played extremely well together, we got to sort of catch up. In between the busyness of the kids. It was a wet winter’s day so we decided to catch up at a play center, it was crazy busy and while keeping an eye on the little ones we managed to get a few decent conversations in.

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It’s been two years since our kids have seen each other and we caught up at the same play center. Its was wonderful to see all the growth and changes from the last couple of years and while only young they didn’t remember each other I loved how they just stuck together and connected, working together and encouraging each other when needed. Watching them play together just made me feel so fulfilled. They were having a blast and making memories.

As time goes byFriendships

My friend and I have know each other for over 10 years and we have seen each other go through a lot of changes over that time. There has been times where life has got in the way and we realise we haven’t spoken in what feels like forever but whenever we get a chance to catch up we just pick up where we left off. I Seriously Love That.

In the beginning we met through an ex boyfriend of mine she is actually his cousin and when we broke up I was not the best kind of friend to her. Hurting and healing through the breakup was really difficult as it had been a long term relationship and keeping the friendship with her was really difficult.

We emailed back and forth a lot and I remember asking for some space because keeping in contact with her was keeping my grieving process difficult.

So we lost touch for a while…

Then a couple of years later we caught up. We have since had kids and miscarries together and she lives mostly overseas for her husbands work. She has given birth in different countries and we don’t get to catch up as often as I would like.

When it was time to go home I left with this feeling of belonging. I had felt home for a couple of hours. That feeling was something I sat with in the car while thinking about writing this. I felt really happy.

The importance of long term friendships is that they build depth, you really get to see all of each other over the years. You see the bad and the good. As you go about living your life and for true friendships to fully develop it really is about being vulnerable with each other. It’s a two way street.

Feeling Thankful

I have so much gratitude to know that I have a true and honest friendship in my life and heart. People can come and go in and out of your life so easily these days, people get busy, life happens, you loose touch, life goes on but some very special people make sure they stay apart of your life. Just like you make sure you stay apart of certain people in your life.

How much do you value friendships? Let me know in the comments if you have a friendship that has lasted the distance

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