My self care guide for the beginning of Spring

Donna / September 11, 2018

September in Australia = SPRING Now that Spring is here and I am slowly starting to thaw out it’s time to get ready for those open toe shoes and dresses which means I need to take some time out for myself and show a little self care and love to my body and soul. I tend to let myself go…

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The true meaning of friendships

Donna / September 4, 2018

The Importance of Long Term Friendships I caught up with a friend recently. One that I only get to see once a year as she is currently living overseas. While our kids played extremely well together, we got to sort of catch up. In between the busyness of the kids. It was a wet winter’s day so we decided to…

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Raising our children is how they are going to adult

How Our Inner Voice Is Developed

Have you ever considered how some adults become the way they are? As a very reflective person and as I go deeper into my life coaching journey I have different things come up for me. Today it was about raising children and our parenting. I heard something that really stood out for me because it is something I consider ALL…

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Craft, Parenting

How to make Slime without Borax

No Borax Slime For Hours of Fun

Have hours of fun and learn how to make slime without Borax homemade Slime Recently during school holidays my son and I were watching youtube together when we came across how to make slime. We went on to watch all different videos and types of slime. It was great fun so we decided to make some ourselves. We first tried…

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